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bratbitch's Journal

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Abbey du jour
21 February
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Update 2009: I would like to say that I have no idea who I am and where I'm going, but the truth of the matter is that I know myself quite frighteningly well these days, but I'm never terribly sure where I'm going. I'm sliding into 30 this year, and to the horror of everyone around me am immensely looking forward to it. I put up a great pretense of being a confident, capable and nurturing adult, but really I spend far too much money on clothes, am self obsessed, neurotic and whiny. But let's just keep that between you, me and however million bloggers lj has these days. I think I'm on to a good wicket here.

I never got around to finishing my degree, but every year I promise that THIS is the year I'll finally do it, but it's all different this year.. because THIS IS the year I'll finally finish, or something. AND I've finally settled on what I'm really going to do once I grow up - I'm going to go and be a librarian! I might even go back to using my lj this year, but I'm holding out no promises because I finally got the message from the universe that promising things leads to ruin.

Once again, I reiterate: this is my world, keep your hands to yourself and never, ever feed the animals.

I'm a 26yo recovering goth well... apparently you cn't be a goth if you have white hair and refuse to go to goth clubs anymore. I still do the whole dressing in black thing - but it's more of a 'comfort zone' thing than anything else I guess.

I'm in my fourth year of part time uni - which means that I've only got about another 8 years before I get my degree in social sciences (Psych). People keep asking me what I want to do with the degree - I say 'retire'. What I would really love to do would be to finish this degree, then go on to study either forensics or get a medical degree, if this actually happens or not depends on a multitude of factors which are pretty much out of my control at the present moment. I'm most likely going to end up with minors in HR/IR and working for a big corporation *grins*

I have a small tiny business designing and making clothes, mainly goth and fetish, but some more elaborate creations as well .. eventually I plan on expanding that into an e commerce business, but currently I'm mainly doing it for pleasure and to learn more sewing skills.

I'm also not much of a techo ... so please excuse my clumsy attempts at HTML ... I'm trying to learn it on the fly.
and have progressed in leaps and bounds since getting this journal, when all I knew was bold italic and underline ...

If I had to describe myself in 10 12 words or less I would say: fashion whore, intelligent, curious, opinionated, liberated conservative, spiritual, pedantic, cynical, loyal and stubborn..

welcome to my little world .. but remember that this is my world .. not yours ..

Please don't feed the animals, and keep your hands inside the car at all times.

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